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The Converse Allstars have spent the last 9 years gigging in the most prominent venues and clubs all over Ireland. In the last few years we have had more and more requests to play weddings despite the fact we have never marketed ourselves as a 'wedding band'. We play a diverse unique set list and try to avoid as many cliched overplayed songs as we can! Is this the way to Amarillo?.... It surely is not! This is a cheese free zone!  We also do not play waltzes or The Siege of Ennis so if you would like to hear these songs at your wedding it's best if we part ways right here! We are passionate about music and we play the music we love. The concept of this band is to offer people something different and unique for their wedding. 


So what type of music do we play? Well as Dr. John once said 'There are only two types of music, good music and bad music, I like to think I fall into the former category'. We would hope the same!  More specifically we play rock, blues, soul and funk covering a variety of artists like James Brown, Vampire Weekend, Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin, The Smyths etc. 





The band's five members are experienced professional musicians who have played in a variety of cover, themed and original bands. This band formed organically a long time ago and we are all best buds (most of the time!). So you are guaranteed to get a genuine performance from a genuine band, not 5 lads who have been thrown together by a promoter and given a run of the mill set list to play.


Our priority at weddings is to keep the dancefloor full and give guests of all ages something to shake their booties to! We can cater for any occasion including weddings, birthdays, balls, parties, club nights and pub entertainment. We also provide a DJ service if required. The DJ will play anything your dancing feet desire, so if you do happen to have a hankering for some cheese later in the night we have you covered!


Check out some of our covers on our music page!

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