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Do ye play any waltzes or traditional Irish music at weddings?

We're sorry but no! The concept of this band is to offer people something different and unique for their wedding. We have nothing against waltzes or traditional irish music. We don't play this type of music simply because every other typical run of the mill wedding band does play it.   


Does the band have a dress code for weddings?

Yes. Band members wear shirts and ties for weddings unless requested not to!


Does the band provide a DJ service and what type of music does the DJ play?

Yes. The DJ uses the same PA as the band so when the band finishes the DJ starts immediately with no delay in changing between the two acts. The DJ has an expansive library of songs to choose from and will play anything your dancing feet desire! Usually the DJ will have a chat with the bride and groom before the wedding to get a feel for the type of music which will be played on the night. 


How long do ye play for?

The band will provide 2 hours of music. The DJ will play 2 hours, curfew permitting.


What is the usual timeline for the wedding entertainment ?

Most venues have a curfew of 2am at which time the music must stop regardless of how many 'one more tunes' are chanted! It is important to keep this in mind when planning your special evening. We recommend for the band to start at 9.45pm,play for an hour then take a 15 minute break for tea and coffees then play for another hour therefore finishing at 12 midnight. This will ensure that the DJ will get the chance to play a full set.  Please note that the band will arrive at 8.30pm and take about 40 minutes to set up.  Be wary that if the meal, speeches or clearing of tables delays the band from starting this may shorten the DJ set as the DJ will have to adhere to the curfew. This is the responsibility of the wedding party and the venue. We would advise you speak to the wedding planner of the venue to ensure the meal times and curfew do not encroach on the entertainment for the evening.


Will the band play your favorite song for the first dance?

Yes. A months notice is required to learn a song for your first dance if it is not in our setlist already.


Does the band provide lights and PA?

Yes. The band has a powerful EV PA and an ample lighting to cater for any premises.

Can I choose what songs to play at our wedding?

The band usually judges which songs to play and when depending on the crowd. After many years of playing to large audiences we are experts at choosing the right moment for the right song. If there are any songs in particular on the set list that you want played or indeed do not want played you can send us a playist or non-playist.


Do ye play songs that my grandparents can have a dance to?!

Of course. In fact we are continually commended on our ablity to give every generation a little something to shake their booties to! A portion of the set has a rockabilly and country vibe with plenty of jiving to be done.  


Where are ye playing next and can we come see ye?

Follow us on Facebook for upcoming gigs. We play regularly in venues around Galway city.


Will the DJ play on until the wee hours of the morning?

I'm afraid not. The curfew for the DJ is 2am unless other arrangements have been made prior to the gig. 


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